TherapyCouch is designed to guide you through a process of self-discovery and healing.  Make no mistake, TherapyCouch is not a magic pill or easy fix.  The work will be hard.  It will take commitment and dedication but it will be worth it.  As you put the video sessions and work pages into practice you will see and feel lasting results.

There is no "right way" to use the TherapyCouch sessions but we recommend spending at least a week with each individual video and it's accompanying "homework."  Changing thoughts and behaviors takes time and practice.  Your brain is making new connections and rewiring itself – be patient and hopeful.

However, you can go as fast or as slow as you like.  Repeat as often as you want.  Review at your leisure and in your spare time.  Each session is brief and to-the-point.  

Some sessions should be used in a chronological order.  With others you can feel free to jump around from topic to topic.  Trust yourself to know what session is best for you at any given time. 

TherapyCouch currently offers sessions in the following areas:



Anger is a strong emotion that can be a useful response in many situations.  However sometimes our anger can get the best of us.



We all feel nervous or worried from time to time.  But if anxiety is getting in the way of a joyful, productive life, use these tools and skills to become a master of anxiety ­– not it’s slave. 



Positive communication skills help our relationships and mental health.  Learn how to improve your interactions with your spouse, children, boss, employees... everyone!



When we experience depression it can feel like we are climbing a steep mountain with no end in sight.  But we can make simple changes that will reduce our depression and improve our outlook and happiness. 



Losing someone is one of life's most stressful events.  Unresolved grief can lead to other complications such as depression.  Learn how to express grief and gain the support you need.


Life Balance

More than ever, we juggle many different roles in life.  An important part of this juggling act is learning to take care of ourselves. 

Self Esteem Cat.jpg

Self Esteem

Self Esteem -- It's not something you can earn, it's something you give yourself, freely without costs or conditions.  Self Esteem is a function of how we see our own worth.  Are you ready to raise your Self Esteem and realize your full potential?


Sexual Abuse & Trauma

Are you ready to start working on the effects trauma has had on your life?  This is a personal journey towards feeling healthy and whole again.



Everyone needs plenty of sleep.  If we’re suffering from mental health issues, poor sleep is often a culprit.  Sleep is a vital and important first step in any journey toward healing.

Cat on Couch.jpeg

Visualization & Breathing

Breathing and Visualizations are powerful tools in crafting a fulfilling life.  Learn how to apply these life-changing skills and create strong, vibrant habits of thought and intention.

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